Pastor Siimon Haamer / Dean of TAT

The school was established by Siimon's father Pastor Eenok Haamer in 1992. As the result of a vision from God, the inheritance of his father is being carried forward today by Eenok's youngest son, Pastor Siimon Haamer, who serves as Dean of TAT. One of the first graduates of TAT in 1998, Siimon continues to expand the work begun by his father.

Siimon states,  “I'm thankful to my parents and grandparents as they have been my spiritual companions on my faith journey. Their intercessory prayers are my biggest treasure.”

Siimon's contacts:

email: siimon.haamer(at)

Skype: siimon7

cell: +372-515-9127

Pastor Bob & Patti Nordvall

Bob and Patti serve through East European Missions Network (EEMN) in the USA as ambassadors for TAT and the Estonian Church. They also lead short term mission teams and partner with pastors and church workers in Estonia. Together Bob and Patti visit congregations in the USA bringing encouragement, inspiration, and support for missions while sharing Eenok Haamer's vision for TAT and the building up of the Estonian Church.

EEMN has worked in close partnership with TAT since our beginnings in 1992. Their support, together with the faith and vision of the leaders of TAT, has brought many others from the USA to assist in prayer, teaching, and finances.

Bob's contacts:

email: pastorbob(at)

Skype: pastorbobnordvall

cell: 701-391-0182

Pastor Eenok & Eha Haamer / Founder of TAT

Pastor Eenok grew up in a pastor family during the Soviet occupation, where he witnessed firsthand the suffering of the Estonian people at the hands of the Soviet Army. But even as the Soviets hunted Eenok and tried to wipe out Christianity in the nation, he began to have a vision for the future. God showed him that once their fervently prayed-for freedom would return, there would be a great need to educate Estonian men and women so that they would be able to carry on God’s work and clearly communicate the principles of the Bible.

The vision for a new school began to take shape and with initial financial help pledged by 8 pastors from the USA, TAT was founded in the fall of 1992.

Pastor Ove Sander / Rector of the Lutheran Church Seminary

Pastor Ove is rector of a joint school (TAT and Seminary). He studied at the American Free Lutheran Seminary, located in Medicine Lake, Minneapolis. Ove is also senior pastor in Nõmme Rahu Congregation in Tallinn which is Estonian capital.

Tartu Academy of Theology &

Home of Hope (in Estonian "Pastoraat")


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