Youth & Student Activities

Fruitful opportunities are available to widen our ministries and we will certainly be hosting youth and student activities.

Youth Bible Camps

In co-operation with East European Missions Network and other Christians from the United States we have organized English Bible camps for adults since 2006. In August of 2019 we had the first Bible camp directed mainly toward youth, organized together with St. Paul Lutheran Church, located across the street from Home of Hope.  While we were making room plans for Home of Hope we paid attention to the needs of this kind of camp: we have one big classroom, two medium ones and several smaller multipurpose rooms for small group classes.

Scout and Guide Troops

Home of Hope is a place for regular Scout and Guide troops meetings. In the 1990’s, scouting was one of the youth ministries held in many congregations in Estonia but today scouting is less connected with churches. We want to introduce scouting again as one attracting opportunity for church youth work.

Union of Christian Students

Tartu University, Estonia’s oldest and largest university (est. 1632) is located in Tartu, a city of 100,000 inhabitants and about 20,000 students. There are various student organizations including the Union of Evangelical Students which has an interdenominational approach. We hope to have good collaboration with them and we will open our rooms for their events.