Almost There

Pastors meeting

We are so thankful to God for the blessing that we have experienced. Home of Hope is becoming more and more filled with different activities.

During Christmas and New Year I spent some extra time with my family and rested a bit after extremely busy Autumn. Beginning of 2020 has been again pretty intensive as we are starting new life at Home of Hope. In addition to our regular study work we are hosting different trainings and Home of Hope is a place for regular pastors meetings. It takes of course much more time until everything works as planned… and even more.

Updates and Happy New Year

I pray God’s protection and blessing with you throughout 2020. 

I just want to share briefly our current fundraising situation. At the moment we are still missing $27,787 of the first Home of Hope loan payment. Fortunately we have still some extra time because we can make the payment without penalty until January 20th.

Sharing a Great Testimony of God’s Providence

I want to share with you a very special and encouraging message that I received from major donors of ours who set up $100,000 for a matching fund this summer.

They wrote:

“In June of 2019, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to send money to the Home of Hope.  I ignored it for a while, but I finally mentioned it to my wife.  She replied that she had the same feeling.  We decided that the Holy Spirit wanted us to trust God and make a sacrificial gift.  We pledged $100,000 in matching funds for the Home of Hope.