Spiritual Mentoring Center

Pastors meeting

TAT and the Seminary have conducted a year-long course for training spiritual mentors for Lutheran Church pastors. Today we are building up the mentoring system in the Estonian Lutheran Church. Pastors often feel alone and abandoned and they need support. Unfortunately, many of them won’t take any action to find a spiritual mentor. That’s why we need to offer opportunities for them.

As it’s very difficult to get those who have pastored 10-15 years or more involved in the mentoring program, we are putting our main focus on students and young pastors who have recently graduated from the seminary or are still studying. This brings a new attitude into the church and changes a pastor’s mindset little by little, building a healthier body of pastors.

Home of Hope rooms are multipurpose and there is always the possibility of finding a place to meet. We are hosting pastors group meetings and also private mentoring sessions.