Server Room

We have in the basement a special server room that is mainly filled with Christian Radio servers but this space also hosts the Estonian Bible internet version. This provides much more secure conditions for the server, as previously, it was located in the kitchen of the TAT alumni who maintains the Bible website.

Guest Apartment i.e. Dorm

In the apartment we have two rooms and 4 beds. We are using this space as a guest apartment and as a dorm for students. It could also be used as office space if another Christian organization would be interested in joining with Home of Hope center.  

Spiritual Mentoring Center

Pastors meeting

TAT and the Seminary have conducted a year-long course for training spiritual mentors for Lutheran Church pastors. Today we are building up the mentoring system in the Estonian Lutheran Church. Pastors often feel alone and abandoned and they need support. Unfortunately, many of them won’t take any action to find a spiritual mentor. That’s why we need to offer opportunities for them. As it’s very difficult to get those who have pastored 10-15 years or more involved in the mentoring program, we are putting our main focus on students and young pastors who have recently graduated from the seminary or are still studying. This brings a new attitude into the church and changes a pastor’s mindset little by little, building a healthier body of pastors. Home of Hope rooms are multipurpose and there is always the possibility of finding a place to meet. We are hosting pastors group meetings and also private mentoring sessions.

Pastoral Care Center

Based on the enthusiasm of students and alumni of Tartu Academy we launched the Pastoral Care Center in autumn of 2020. Estonian people are very much in need of spiritual help but many of them don’t know where to find it. Often, they are hesitant to go to church and that’s why we need places that support people in their spiritual struggles outside of Church buildings. The Pastoral Care Center is able to offer that opportunity and, at the same time, provides a coordination center for Estonia’s wide network of pastoral care givers.   There are already 60 people from across Estonia who have joined with this network and are ready to work in the midst their local communities. They are TAT alumni or participants of our continuing education training courses.   Because of the pandemic and the restrictions limiting indoor meetings, we offered pastoral caregiver walking sessions around the city. That was quite popular and many people took advantage of these counseling sessions and have been helped. Pastor Siimon Haamer shares a story that demonstrates the need for these efforts: I ordered a taxi. Sitting in the car, I heard praise music. The radio channel playing was broadcasted from the same Christian Radio Station that is part of Home of Hope. I asked, “Do you listen to Family Radio?” He said that this is the only radio station where he can listen to programs that nurture his soul. He confessed that he is not Christian and not baptized. He […]