We started making a 1-Minute-Bible-Class series in cooperation with Kristjan Luhamets, Lead Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Tartu. Here you’ll find one example of it.

The aim for these videos is to establish some kind of connection with youth on social media platforms and to give them Christian content while they browse.

After covid, when things started to go back to normal, we discovered that youth have not all come back. We saw that there was a need for youth work on social media in Estonia and since we position ourselves as partners to churches, then it was our duty to fill in this somewhat innovative position. We are glad that this format has got a lot of good feedback and are looking forward to continuing this project, but also accepting new opportunities where God leads us to!

Call to Prayer

We will have a challenging 1,5 years ahead of us. November 15th, 2024 is a due date for Home of Hope mortgage. Currently we are missing about $1 million and we feel we need to ask God for wisdom as to what we need to do to finish the journey of funding the Home of Hope outreach center.

We have experienced so far that God has a plan and we just need to open our eyes and hearts in order to understand where Holy Spirit is leading us. Sometimes this road demands much courage and trust towards God. We know no better source of encouragement then prayer. Throughout June 3rd we will have 24-hour prayer chain with our students, alumni, professors, staff etc. You are welcome to join the prayer on June 3rd wherever you are and whenever it’s suitable for you.

Additionally we would like to have a prayer fellowship with you in Zoom. Therefore, we invite you to join us in prayer for one hour via Zoom on June 13th, 2023 at 10:00 am US Central Time. During this meeting we will also share about our current challenges and we welcome everyone to share your thoughts, advice and all that the Holy Spirit gives you to speak.

Here are the details to join a Zoom meeting:
Topic: Prayer Fellowship with Estonia

Time: Jun 13, 2023 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 4834 3446

Passcode: 022677

Prayer topics:

1. Thank God for every day and for all the endeavors we have been able to accomplish by his grace.

2. Thank God for the new opportunities that have opened up in the past years and pray guidance that these good initiatives could continue.

3. Pray for students, alumni, professors and all staff that we may experience God’s presence and grace together.

4. Pray for Ukraine and for this war to end soon.

5. Pray God for wisdom as to what we need to do to finish the journey of funding the Home of Hope outreach center.


Siimon Haamer