12 Students Graduated and Raili’s Testimony


On June 26 we celebrated graduation of Tartu Academy of Theology and Lutheran Church Seminary! Since 2013 we have been conducting bachelor’s and master’s studies together. Service was held in the Cathedral in Tallinn.

All together 12 students graduated our joint college: seven bachelor and three master students. Two also graduated from the Church Musician program. Some of the alumni intend to enroll in a master’s program in the fall, two are continuing their studies in order to become Lutheran pastors and two are looking for pastoral care giver position. Church musicians already work as organists in churches.

Here are some pictures of the graduation.


Raili is the Coordinator of the Pastoral Care Center that is located at Home of Hope. She graduated Tartu Acacemy already 2013 and ever since she has worked as pastoral care giver in hospital and youth center and has done a lot of volunteer work helping people in their troubles. Since 2020 she has been part of Home of Hope life. Under her leadership the Pastoral Care Center has become a center that unites the network of pastoral care givers operating all over Estonia.

We have trained pastoral care givers over 30 years. From the outside it may seem incomprehensible why it is in Estonia so important to train pastoral care givers. But if people don’t come to the church (only around 10% of population are affiliated with churches), then there is no point waiting for them in the church, we have to go where the people are. Our pastoral care givers are working in hospitals, nursing homes, youth centers etc. They are there where people need answers to their spiritual questions.

Please watch the video and get to know Raili’s story.


Pastor Siimon Haamer
President of Tartu Academy of Theology


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Home of Hope, which was founded in 2019, has given Estonians a lot of hope in these few years. We have seen that there are people in our country who are looking for God. Through the activities of the Home of Hope, we also reach those people who have not dared to enter the church door. We need help to pay off the mortgage and continue our work for generations to come.

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