48 Hour Prayer Bridge Between Estonia & America

We witness that prayer has a great power and through prayer we are receiving encouragement to do our mission work in Estonia. We are also witnessing that prayer fellowhsip among Christians is important and essential part of faithlife of all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Because of that we are calling you to join with a 48 hour prayer bridge between Estonia and America on November 3rd and 4th, 2023.

We want to pray together for Estonia, for the mission work of Tartu Academy of Theology and Home of Hope and also of course for America. 48 hours is divided into 30-minute slots. In the beginning are praiyng Estonians 12 hours and then Americans 12 hours and we are following the same order also during the second day.

We have a list of prayer topics prepared together with our friends from US and we are calling you to sign up and join a 48 prayer chain on 3rd and 4th of November and pray together for America and Estonia.

You’ll find all the information, sign up list and prayer topics from our website¬†tatest.org/prayer-chain. Below you’ll find a video invitation to join the prayer chain. If you miss the opportunity to book a specific time, you can still pray on these prayer topics at a time that suit you.

God bless you richly through this prayer fellowship!


Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology