Happy Easter! Siimon 50!

Christ has risen!

The Lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon! (Luke 24:34)

My name is also Simon and this passage from Luke has been very meaningful to me. I was born 22nd of April 50 years ago on Easter morning. And therefore my parents named me Siimon. For me is very special to know that since my birth I have connection with Jesus Christ.

When I was in the third grade and teacher asked: “Who do you want to be?”, I answered that I wanted to be a pastor. I never changed my mind and I’m happy to be a Lutheran pastor together with my two older brothers, my father and grandfather.

22nd of April I’m celebrating my 50th birthday with thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Tartu where my grandfather Harri was pastoring during WW II. I have a privilege to serve at this thanksgiving service together with my 87 years old father and two brothers. Remembering previous generations, who have stayed strong in faith despite of persecution and sufferings, who have given me a great treasure along the path of life – their intercessory prayers. I believe those prayers are very meaningful that I had enough courage to make needful steps in order to start Home of Hope project.

As it is not very reasonable to travel long distances from America and other parts of the world because of my birthday celebrations, I have prepared one special opportunity for you. 22nd of April at 8:00 am U.S. Central Time there will be livestream of the thanksgiving service available on YouTube with English translation. I’m sending a link to you on April 21st.

I have asked all my birthday guests not to bring any gifts and flowers, but to make donation to Home of Hope in honor of my 50th birthday. You are welcome to join this initiative. Below you’ll find giving options and also my video greeting.

I’m very thankful for your intercessory prayers personally for me.

Siimon Haamer

Presidenty of Tartu Academy of Theology


Charity Lutheran Church (Tax deductible.)

120 Aspen Ave.

Bismarck, ND 58503

Memo: SIIMON 50


Go to charitylutheran.org/givenow. Choose from the dropdown list a fund called “Tartu Academy of Theology” and then choose the sub fund “SIIMON 50”.