HOME of HOPE Opened–Struggles Continue

Thank you wall with names of all donors. There is plenty of space on the wall for additional names.

December 2nd we celebrated dedication of the HOME of HOPE. Construction work was finished and we were glad to see beautiful result. Archbishop of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church consecrated the facility in front of about hundred guests. Dedication service was filled with thanksgiving to God for His great blessings.

Many guests expressed their opinion that opening of the HOME of HOPE will be having much bigger importance in Estonian history than we are able to think about today. Unique vision and people who are encouraged to follow God’s footsteps, are making this place very special. This is a ground to realize also unthinkable ideas. HOME of HOPE was an unreal idea 1.5 years ago as well.

I’m very thankful to all donors and prayerful friends that we achieved together this important milestone. But the truth is that we still have a long journey ahead of us. During last months I have struggled a lot. I have been even anxious and confused because donations for HOME of HOPE and Tartu Academy of Theology have been dropped significantly since middle of September. We have experienced some growth in giving during last weeks but situation is still very, very difficult. In the end of the year we have to pay first HOME of HOPE loan payment of $79,596. At the moment we are still missing $65,887 of it. At the same time we need also $ 60,749 to meet TAT’s annual budget needs.

Yes, this is a great challenge but I’m convinced that nothing happens if we won’t trust Lord and won’t take risk. This is our test of faith. We ask you to help us on this journey of faith.
Siimon Haamer
Dean of Tartu Academy of Theology
HOME of HOPE dedication service in the big classroom on December 2nd.
Thank you wall with names of major donors.
HOME of HOPE chapel.

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