Do we have a plan in place for going forward with Home of Hope fundraising, and what does this plan look like?

  1. We are continuing our active fundraising campaign and starting also new pledge program that was initiated by one of our major donors. He made already 5 year pledge and is working to get more people involved with their pledges.
  2. We continue to extend friends of Estonia network. Since autumn of 2019 our connections where mostly involving members and congregations of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. This November pastor Siimon Haamer had an opportunity to share about Estonia and Home of Hope also with North American Lutheran Church pastors and lay leaders. That was a good start for new friendships and fellowship.
  3. We already have a great network of loyal friends in the U.S. and also in Europe and in Estonia who will continue to support us throughout this journey of faith.
  4. We are renting out rooms of Home of Hope and this income also goes toward loan payments.
  5. We have also had discussions with the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church about possible financial problems and solutions if we are not able to pay the loan as timely as planned.
  6. We are confident in God’s guidance and are assured that your money will be used wisely and to the glory of God!

We can’t of course say that we know exactly from where all this money comes but we can say and assure that we will work tirelessly under God’s provision to realize the goal. We don’t expect someone to cover major part of our need–every donation matters and brings us closer to the goal. And prayers keep us moving on.