Donors of Home of Hope

Donors of Home of Hope

We are blessed by so many good friends who form a great circle of God’s ambassadors. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DONORS AND PRAYER WARRIORS! Together we have made the impossible possible. Home of Hope is a landmark for the Estonian people and testifies that God is alive. We are so proud to be part of this God’s mighty work.

We hope you’ll continue this path with us as we have five challenging years ahead of us until the loan will be paid. Stopping or returning is impossible.
Thank you wall with names of all donors. On the top of names is written: God bless donors of Home of Hope! "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

Thank you wall with names of major donors under plaque that is cornerstone of Home of Hope. On top of names is written: "We thank you that you encouraged us in a special way to believe in the promise given by God."

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Plaque and major donors' names are located in the lobby of Home of Hope.

How will donors be remembered at Home of Hope

  • Any amount given from $100 to $9,999 USD is celebrated with your name on the wall next to our facility’s chapel.
  • The plaque with God’s promise, that is central in our building story, is now placed on honorable position on the wall of the main hall of Home of Hope. Another plaque below this has those names of God’s ambassadors who have given strong testimony that God’s Word is trustworthy by donating to our facility purchase at least $10,000 USD. There is enough room for new names.
  • By giving $50,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name on one of TAT’s three offices, the Family Radio office or the Pastoral Care Center office.
  • By giving $60,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name listed as donor on our small classroom.
  • By giving $70,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name listed as donor for our medium classroom.
  • By giving $80,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name listed as donor on our chapel.
  • By giving $150,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name listed as donor for our big classroom.
  • By giving $200,000 USD you will receive additional recognition with your name listed as donor for our main hall with reading room.
  • By giving at least $1,000,000 USD we will name our facility according to the donor name.

Names of all donors in alphabetical order

Marek Alveus

Amazing Grays of Charity, Bismarck

Doug & Mary Anderson

Charles Anderson

Leanne Andreas

Mary Arfmann

Augustana District of LCMC

Gary & Kathy Bahn

Mari-Ann Bartlett

Edvin & Inger-Marie Berg

Carl Berquist

Bethany Lutheran Church, Cherry Hills Village

Bethany Lutheran Church, McCallsburg

Billund Y`s Men Club

Ken Birst

Warner Blyckert

Duane & Marlene Bohrer

Dorothy Bradford

in memoriam Robert Branham

Marilee Buland

Phyllis Burdge

Charity Lutheran Church, Bismarck

Daniel Christ

John Christensen Jr.

Christus Lutheran Church, Clintonville

James & Gwen Cosgrove

Paul & Marlys Coughlin

Linda Cruz

Robert Culbert

Dan Daehlin

Steven & Susan Davidson

Lauri Desir

Robert & DitaDow

Michael & Patty Dwyer

EELK Lohusuu Church

EELK Mustvee Church

E.E.L.K. Los Angeles Church

E.E.L.K. St. Paul Church of New York

Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod

Sven Eelma

Patricia Eichler

Steven & Jane Ekholm

Jim & Dede Elliott

Sirje Esko

Faith Community Lutheran Church, Longmont

Faith Lutheran Church, Hutchinson

Brian & Barbara Felt

First Lutheran Church WOW, Hope

First Lutheran Church, Hope

First United Lutheran, Roseau

David & Victoria Fisher

Terrence & Norma Fletcher

Ken & Connie Geiger

John Gelschus

Georgia Fellowship of LCMC

Paavel Gill

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, San Jose

Mark & Jesse Goddard

David & Anne Gran

Richard Grorud

Scott Grorud

Paul & Elaine Gunderson

Siimon & Reet-Ingrid Haamer

Eenok & Eha Haamer

Kärt Haamer

in memoriam Harri & Maimu Haamer

James Hackney

Nathan & Ruth Hanson

Ardean Harstad

Orlando & Herdis Hash

Mot & Pam Hedges

Mark & Pam Hendrick

Kelly Henning

Hoefer Family Giving

Bob & Kathy Hollenbeck

Hope Lutheran Benevolence Fund, Fosston

Hope Lutheran Church, Everly

John Huebner

Thomas & Sandra Hunt

Carl Imhoff

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Harlan

Marvin Johnson

Veiko & Janne Kask

in memoriam Martin & Aliide Kelement

Georgia Kingsbury

in memoriam Endla Kivestu

Alice Klement

Paul & Bobbi Knudson

Eric & Leah Knutson

Harold Knutson

Leila Kohal

Chad & Laura Kourajian

Arne & Miriam Lagus

David & Carol Larkin

in memoriam Kjaer Lauridsen

David & Barbara Lee

Kristi Lee

Mikk Leedjärv

Karl & Lori Lemmerman

Arnold & Nancy Leno

Curtis & Mary Levang

GJ Lewison

in memoriam Eduard Samuel & Helgi Lind

Merje Liiv

John & Harriet Lipp

Kent & Laura Lodge

in memoriam Sigrid Ludwig

Joel & Tiina Luhamets

Kristjan Luhamets

Eda Luht

Peggy Luke

Valdie & Elaine Magstadt

Richard & Linda Mahlow

Lembit & Lea Mangulson

Siim Maripuu

Ross McGlasson

Robert & Kathy McLain

Ken & Jacki Meimann

Franklin & Dawn Merrell

Steve & Sandy Miller

Mike & Heather Miller

Macel Monthye

Andrus & Kristiina Mõttus

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Foundation, Excelsior

Mike & Siri Myhrom

Thomas & Renée Nefe

Robert & Pamela Nelson

Donald & Kathy Nordquist

Bob & Patti Nordvall

Kalle Nurmepuu

Gen Olson

Carol Palin

Donna Paulson

James & Linda Perhus

Keith & Linda Perhus

Ervin & Piret Piikmann

Paulus & Gladys Pilgrim

Angela Ploomi

Wendy Poch

Eimar Prommik

George Qualley

Bill & Carolyn Quehl

Jim & Barbara Rasmusson


Reformation Lutheran Church, Fortson

Randy & Lori Reifschneider

Richland Lutheran Church, Richland

Donald & Mavis Richman

Larry & Donna Rinehart

Ringkøbing Y's Men Club

Perry & Judy Ritland

Gene Roberts

Marek & Pirjo Roots

Sacred Word Lutheran Church, Mobridge

Salem Lutheran Church, Roland

Dennis & Kathy Sandmann

Steve & Linda Saveraid

Jerome & Boni Schanil

Sidney Sehlin

Shalom Community Lutheran Church, Starbuck

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Afton

Hiie Silmere

Valerie Silva

Ken & Julie Slag

Audun Slettahjell

in memoriam Susan Sletto

Keith & DeLores Soiseth

Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church, Parker

St Luke's Lutheran, Garfield

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gillet

St. John's Lutheran Church, Howard Lake

St. John's Lutheran Church, Springfield

St. John's Lutheran Church Sunday School, Cylinder

St. John's Women of the Word, Starbuck

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Taylor

Sandra Steele

George & Ilze Stroebel

Kaili Särg

Janika Tikerperi

Loren Timm

Steven & Lisa Tonder

Trinity Lutheran Church & School, Janesville

Union Lutheran Church, Salisbury

Kai Vahter

Vernes Lutheran Church, McIntosh

Urmas & Egle Viilma

Connie Volk

Ene Vooder

Urmas Vulp

Steven J. Wadle

Duane & Faye Wangen

John & Chara Wangen

David Warfel

Kevin Weeks

Kathy Wermager

Ryan Whalen

Arthur Whitehead

Dale & Emily Wildey

John & Nancy Wissman

John & Rondi Wussow

William Young

Shirley Zulke