Testimony of Mattias

I'm blessed to have Mattias Haamer working together with me as my assistant. His enthusiasm and willingness to share his faith has been meaningful for the 70 plus young people who attend the activities offered for them at Home of Hope. I feel that I’m already way too old for them and they are eager to have someone like themselves as a role model for their spiritual quests.

You are welcome to watch Mattias’ testimony below.

Also, some Bringing Hope to Estonia Campaign updates…So far we have raised $224,465 USD and we are still of course keeping our end of June goal of $750,000 dollars. We are very, very thankful for every donation. Below you can also find a video and some other materials about the campaign. Everything is also available on our website tatest.org/campaign.

God bless you all,
Pastor Siimon Haamer
President of Tartu Academy of Theoleogy