Ukraine Refugees Whom We Have Helped

I’m sharing with you information about Ukraine refugees whom we have helped with your donations.

We are very thankful to all people and congregations who have donated Ukraine refugees through Tartu Academy of Theology. Until now we have received $51,328 to the Ukraine fund. We are cooperating with the Estonian Lutheran Church congregations and because of this, your donations reach different locations in Estonia where refugees are hosted. Pastors and church members are not only offering them housing, they are helping them also to settle in this new country, to ovecome the bureaucratic obstacles and to solve the economic problems.

Although the battles in Ukraine take place approximately 1,000 miles from Estonia we are facing new challenges here. Since the end of February, Estonia has faced an unprecedented influx of refugees, mostly women and children. Estonia has hosted around 45,000 refugees over a couple of months. The shortage of housing is enormous and hundreds of refugees are still forced to live on empty cruise ships or other temporary places.

By clicking this link you can open and download our June newsletter where we share the stories of families who have been helped with your donation. Here is link to the high quality newsletter file.

God bless you,

Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology