Bible Camp 2023

During August 14-18 we organized together with nine short term missionaries from USA an adult Bible Camp at Home of Hope. We had 30 participants and missionaries from Charity Lutheran Church (Bismarck, ND), Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church (Parker, CO), St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (Garfield, MN) and Pastor Bob Nordvall as leader of the group. We are very thankful to all team members as they answered to God’s call and were His ambassadors for us.

Theme of the camp was ‘God’s Call’ and every day we dealt with a different Bible character: Joshua, Saul, Isaiah, Peter and Paul. We learned how they answered to God’s call and how they fulfilled their mission.

Here is a short after-movie that sums up the Bible Camp experience. 

We are planning to organize next adult Bible Camp in August 2024 and we are hoping to form again a group of short term missionaries from USA. We will announce registration in November.