Daycare for Ukraine Refugees

Last fall St. Maria’s Lutheran Church in Tartu launched a daycare for Ukraine refugees. Most refugees are escaping women with small children. It’s a great challenge for them to find a job if they don’t have a safe place for their children. Daycare gives parents some free time and provides an opportunity for children to meet with other Ukraine children.

Laryssa (in the picture), a refugee from Ukraine who is living in Home of Hope’s guest apartment, used to be a kindergarten principal and now she is the principal of the daycare.

We have supported this daycare with funds that we have received from our friends from America as donations to support Ukrainians. Unfortunately we haven’t received much support for refugees during 2023 and we are not able to continue helping them.

Here is a short video of the daycare.

Please continue praying for us. Here are our prayer topics:

1. Thank God for every day and for all the endeavors we have been able to accomplish by his grace.

2. Thank God for the new opportunities that have opened up in the past years and pray for guidance that these good initiatives continue.

3. Pray for students, alumni, professors, and all staff that we may experience God’s presence and grace together.

4. Pray for Ukraine and for this war to end soon.

5. Pray to God for wisdom as to what we need to do to finish the journey of funding the Home of Hope outreach center mortgage. 


Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology