First Generation

I’m sharing with you a family story of three generations of pastors. The first generation.

My grandfather Harri Haamer was born in 1906. Right after graduating high school he started to study theology. Harri was ordained in 1929 and four years later he became a pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Tartu. Just across the street where Home of Hope outreach center is located today. At that time there was about 90% of Estonian population involved with Lutheran Church. But this began to change rapidly after the start of World War II and occupation by Soviet Union since 1940. This cruel atheistic regime killed, captured and deported pastors and Christians. My grandfather Harri wasn’t exception. He was arrested in 1948 and spent almost eight years in slave labor camp in Siberia. He was accused of organizing youth work at the church. God was merciful and he returned home and was pastoring 32 more years in a small rural parish until he died in 1987. He got to see how his son Eenok became a Lutheran pastor and he was also blessed to serve in altar with his grandsons: my brothers Naatan and Markus.    

All of that has led us to the point where we are today and soon we are ready to share an uplifting moment with you that connects with Tartu Academy of Theology, Home of Hope and also with Haamer’s family.

Current and coming videos are opening background for the original news. We would be very thankful if you could take a moment to share those videos with your friends and congregation. Good way to do so is to share our Facebook page Simon VS Goliath posts. 

The original uplifting news will be presented on October 30th at noon (US Central Time) on our Facebook page Simon VS Goliath ( And after that we are welcoming everyone to join live Zoom meeting on October 31st at 10 am (US Central Time):

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Stay connected and learn about great things that are happening in Estonia.

God bless you,

Siimon Haamer
President of Tartu Academy of Theology

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