Second Generation

I’m sharing with you a family story of three generations of pastors. The second generation.


My father Eenok Haamer was born 1935 in a pastor family. World War II broke his childhood. Christians experienced serious persecution in Estonia after we were occupied by Soviet Union in 1940. When my grandfather was arrested and sent to Siberia the rest of his family needed to escape from their home because Russian authorities wanted to deport them to Siberia as well. A result of that was that my father hid 6 years in the forest and 4 years of that time lived in an underground bunker. He was 13 years old when his dangerous journey started with his mother and brother.


God gifted him life and it’s clear that this gift was given on purpose. Hardships in the bunker were preparations for the future. In 1964 Eenok became an ordained Lutheran pastor.


Under pressure and persecution Christians need strong pioneers who know that if there is no opportunity for a better life, no future, no solution, that there is always Jesus Christ our Savior who is very, very close. Eenok has been such a Christian leader already for 57 years and today at 85 years old is still continuing to serve three Lutheran congregations.


Eenok had the privilege to serve as pastor in Estonian Lutheran Church together with his father almost 25 years. And he have seen his three sons growing up and choosing the same path as their grandfather and father. This is something that has never happened before among Estonians. During 50 years of aggressive atheistic propaganda continuity of our Christian identity was damaged but still, it wasn’t destroyed. Despite of all of these hardships three generations of pastors were grown up.


All of that has led us to the point where we are today and soon we are ready to share an uplifting moment with you that connects with Tartu Academy of Theology, Home of Hope and also with Haamer’s family.


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God bless you,


Siimon Haamer
President of Tartu Academy of Theology

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