Rejoicing About God’s Work in Estonia

Pastor Bob and Patti Nordvall. Bob is TAT representative in US and is working with SON Network (formerly EEMN).


In 2006 Bob had his first experience in Estonia when he (along with Karen, his first wife) came to teach at Tartu Academy. While it may be said that those weeks teaching were life-changing, it was of much greater significance that we could be introduced to Eenok Haamer and his wife, Eha! And, of course, it began a fifteen- year friendship with Siimon and his family! Over the years it has been such a joy and inspiration to see how TAT has grown, and now in its own place, Home of Hope.


When we read the news letters we are encouraged and challenged in our own faith. In June newsletter, Pastor Marek shares his testimony and a vision he has also had for several years related to TAT. Now we see new fruit born from that cooperative work between Marek and Siimon, and a new Bible school being established for people wanting to grow in God’s Word. What an open door this is for the expansion of Christian education at the family level!


Our hearts are bursting with joy right not! Recently we received word that one of our former Estonia Mission Team members feels led to bring forth a gift of $10,000 for TAT, and was wondering if it could be established as a Match Fund helping balance TAT’s annual budget (giving options).


While it would be open to anyone wishing to participate, the thought was that we might reach out specifically to those of you who have also served in Estonia. Thank you to all English Camp Team members who have so generously contributed to Tartu Academy General Fund and the Facility Fund. Patti and I want to join with this inviting other former team members to pray about it and consider providing a matching gift. There is some boldness as we ask you to pray about how you might use one of your Stimulus checks for the glory of Christ!


Eenok’s original vision for TAT was greatly inspired of the Lord. Siimon carries forth prayerfully, creatively and hopefully! Let us stay the course with them and with TAT, even in these very testing times of Covid19! God is always greater than any challenge we may face.


Pastor Bob & Patti Nordvall

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