Bible School is Launching in September

The Opening of Home of Hope has provided new opportunities and perspectives. In January, we began making preparations to launch a Bible School at the end of September, 2020. The originator of the idea and coordinator of the Bible School is Pastor Marek Roots. He is one of our alumni and has been pastoring in the Lutheran Church for 17 years. Here you can read his testimony.


The Bible School will have about 15 participating lecturers. They’re mainly Lutheran pastors, but some are also from other denominations. The Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church will also be one of the lecturers.


Our goal is to teach just the Bible. We won’t be dealing with different theological disciplines. As some of the participants may not know anything about Bible we can’t be too complicated in our teaching.


Read more about the program, lecturers, participants, funding and how you can help.

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