Testimony of Marek & $10,000 Matching Fund

2023 & 2024 BUDGET

We are truly grateful that with your help we were able to meet the 2023 budget needs and we even have already a seed money in 2024 budget (at the end of this letter you’ll find a chart of income for 2024).

Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t need any more help. We do not intend to stop our work. Our plan is to develop and initiate new activities so that the message of Jesus Christ could reach more and more people. And one very important task is to continue to train key people so that they could become new leaders and preachers.

We need support for our daily activities, but this year our big challenge is paying off the Home of Hope’s mortgage by November 15, 2024. $976,199 still needs to be paid. Every donation is meaningful in this journey. See more at tatest.org/story.


We are pleased to announce that a  $10,000 matching fund has been set up, and starting today, every donation made to the Home of Hope will be doubled from this grant. I’m convinced that this amount will be used up quickly and therefore I’m grateful for the following donations that would increase this matching fund. If you want to contribute to this, please contact me by writing to siimon.haamer@teoloogia.ee or by sending a message via Facebook Messenger facebook.com/siimon.haamer.


We have announced two opportunities to visit Estonia this coming summer:

Persecution Pilgrimage, June 7-15, 2024

Adult Bible Camp Short Term Mission trip, August 14-26, 2024

We have postponed registration deadline of both trips until February 29, 2024. 

Detailed information with registration forms, videos, prices and itineraries is available on our website tatest.org/visit. Please share the information.

In this video I explain a little more why the idea of organizing a pilgrimage came about and what its deeper meaning is.


Here is a video in which Pastor Marek Roots gives his testimony how he found Jesus Christ and became a pastor.

Please visit also tatest.org/story and find out the life changing stories we share. Through these stories you will get to know the real meaning of the Home of Hope and our mission work overall.

Please pray for us!


Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology

For comparison the share of US gifts in 2022