Testimony of the Youngest Student of our Bible School

In the end of September we launched a new Bible School course. We started with 30 students but now we have already 37 participants. The total number of Bible School participants during these three years is now about 200. Thankfully there aren’t any Covid restrictions and we are able to meet with people in person. We even made this year’s on-site participation cheaper compared to distance learning in order to motivate people to come and meet each other. Therefore, the majority of students are present at Home of Hope and we enjoy great fellowship.

I’m sharing with you a testimony of Eerik Eensaar. He is 17 years old and currently the youngest participant of our Bible school. He heard about our Bible school from his parents and friends and thought that this might be a good place to advance his knowledge in Bible and especially in the Old Testament. Today he is confessing that he has already grown closer to Jesus and finds studies at Bible school crucially important for his spiritual growth overall. Please pray for him.

Year is coming to an end quite soon. We have had a challenging year. God has given us many tasks, sometimes even too many. We are very thankful to our donors as you have made possible to accept these tasks and to do this mission work. However, we have not been able to meet all our financial needs. Today is deficit of TAT and Home of Hope annual budget $116,420.

We still have some time until year ends. We need your help in order to reduce this deficit. You’ll find all giving options from here.

God bless you,
Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology