Ukraine Refugees from Occupied Territory

I haven’t shared quite long time information about Ukraine refugees whom we are helping  thanks to these donations that we have received to the Ukraine Fund. I will correct my mistake now.

In the middle of August, the Ukraine family who had lived in Home of Hope’s guest apartment since the middle of March, moved to Germany. We decided to welcome one another family in need of help. Since beginning of September is living with us Larysa and her 88-year-old mother Tamara. They are from Severodonetsk, a town occupied by Russia. A residential house where they had a condo was bombed shortly after the war began. They escaped and found shelter in different places in Ukraine and finally in the middle of July came to Estonia and Tartu. At first, they were able to stay in a hotel. The Estonian government funded their living costs until the end of August. After that, they needed to find a place to live.

Larysa was the principal of a kindergarten and she has been able to get a job in a recently established daycare for Ukraine children. Larysa’s husband is still in Ukraine. We don’t know when they will be able to return to their country. I think we need to host them at least until next summer.

For today we have helped 13 Ukraine families with your donations. We are able to help only a small number of people compared to the total need. However, this contribution is important as many small drops form the sea. We are thankful to our brothers and sisters in Christ in the USA and other countries as you give your drops into this huge sea of need.

Year is coming to an end quite soon. We have had a challenging year. God has given us many tasks, sometimes even too many. We are very thankful to our donors as you have made possible to accept these tasks and to do this mission work. However, we have not been able to meet all our financial needs. Today is deficit of TAT and Home of Hope annual budget $116,420. We still have some time until year ends and we are hopeful that you are able to help us to reduce this deficit. You’ll find all giving options below.

God bless you,

Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology

Larysa’s home in Severodonetsk after Russian’s missile attack.
Siimon with Larysa and her mother Tamara at Home of Hope’s guest apartment.
Larysa prepared a delicious borsch to express her thankfulness towards us.