Third Generation

I’m sharing with you a family story of three generations of pastors. The third generation.


I have two older brothers, Naatan and Markus and a younger sister Maarja. We all are grown up under pressure of Soviet occupation. And this may seem really strange that all of us three brothers made the same choice: after high school graduation we started to study theology. At the time there wasn’t any great perspective on this field. Pastor family was basically excluded from the society. Becoming a pastor didn’t give any opportunity for a great career or well-paid job. It was serving with knowing that your award is waiting for you in heaven but most probably it takes much time until you will get there.


We were lucky. Estonia regained its independence in 1991. Being independent again also meant oppression towards Christians was finished. Since that time, we can speak and work freely without any fear. But the big problem is that during 50 years of aggressive atheistic propaganda our Christian identity was badly damaged. Now we need to work hard in order to heal our country, and it takes a lot of effort to do so.


My oldest brother Naatan is pastoring in Tartu and he is serving also as a hospital chaplain and is a lecturer of pastoral care and counselling at Tartu Academy. My second older brother Markus is pastoring not very far from Tartu and is managing local Christian outreach center. I myself am helping my father to serve his three congregations, running Tartu Academy of Theology and Home of Hope and coordinating all activities that are part of Home of Hope.


My grandfather answered to God’s calling and started one great pattern in our family. And this is multiplied. Is the seed still alive?


All of that has led us to the point where we are today and soon we are ready to share an uplifting moment with you that connects with Tartu Academy of Theology, Home of Hope and also with Haamer’s family.


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God bless you,


Siimon Haamer
President of Tartu Academy of Theology

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