‘We Shall Live in Heaven’ is Published in Amazon

My grandfather Pastor Harri Haamer wrote down his experiences in a Soviet slave labor camp in Siberia. Harri was a lutheran pastor and didn’t follow orders of Soviet authorities when they prohibited to organize any kind of Christian youth work. He spent in prison almost eight years after he was arrested 1948.

His book We Shall Live in Heaven is a strong testimony of faith and also encouragement for Christians as we find ourselves also today in a world that is often hostile to the Gospel.

I have a good message to share–English version of We Shall Live in Heaven is now available on Amazon. You can buy either paperback or Kindle version. Current edition is having some special additions compared to the first English version that was published 2007:

  • A new chapter The Journey Home
  • An additional introduction explaining the sufferings of the Estonian nation and the Church.
  • A foreword and epilogue written by Harri’s son Pastor Eenok Haamer.
  • Paintings of pastor Haamer’s depicting the Kolyma nature and labor camp.

You’ll find this book by clicking here.

I’m very thankful to all people who donated preparatory work of this edition.

I’m continuing preparations to publish We Shall Live in Heaven in Amazon also in German, Russian, Finnish and Danish. New edition in Estonian will be printed. In order to realize all these plans we still need about $3,000 additional funding.

God bless you,

Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology