Pastoral Care is Gaining Popularity

I’m sharing with you a video with Raili Hollo, Coordinator of our Pastoral Care Center. She is sharing about the good and meaningful work we organize at the Pastoral Care Center which is located at Home of Hope.

Excellent news is that since August this year Tartu city government is funding all together 100 meetings for Tartu citizens with pastoral care giver every month. Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia and we hope this will be a good role model to other Estonian cities as well.

Pastoral Care Center is helping also Ukraine refugees. Pastoral care givers make first contact with them at refugee centers and are supporting their living in Estonia. In the midst of all this uncertainty we see that pastoral care givers need support themselves as well. That’s why are arranging supervision groups for them.

Raili is sharing all of that in the following video. 

Year is coming to an end quite soon. We have had a challenging year. God has given us many tasks, sometimes even too many. We are very thankful to our donors as you have made possible to accept these tasks and to do this mission work. However, we have not been able to meet all our financial needs. Today is deficit of TAT and Home of Hope annual budget $116,420. We still have some time until year ends and we are hopeful that you are able to help us to reduce this deficit. You’ll find all giving options from

God bless you,

Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology