Youth Conference ‘The Juggler’ 2023

On March 3-4 we will organize at Home of Hope a conference ‘The Juggler’ that is meant for young adults. This is already the second time. Last time, in March of 2022, we had our first conference, and it was really well received. Therefore we were encouraged to continue. Also we don’t have many events for this age group in Estonia.

We expect our young people to do so much. Of course, they do it and are committed full heartedly, but they also have so many more obligations and tasks to give their input to. Quite often this kind of behavior, to grab so many tasks, could lead to burnout or any other mental illness or tiredness and because of that they might leave the voluntary work at church behind. With our conference we want to equip them the way that they would survive this burden that they have taken to themselves and that they could also serve the Lord for a long period.

This time we are hoping to bring together 60-80 young adults. Our focus for 2023 conference will be about resting. As also Bible says, we have to work 6 days a week and take the one day to rest. During the conference we look at the topic from biblical point of view and get different speakers to talk about how they rest, how they make sure that their team won’t be overloaded with tasks and what overall identifies us – is it the actions/work/tasks we do or do we find our identity from God.

Here is a video of the organizing team introducing the conference. Mattias Haamer is head of the team and all organizers are young adults.

Revenue from ticket sales may cover at most 1/3 of the cost. Additionally we are searching financing from grants and sponsors. By clicking here you’ll find a budget. At the moment we are still missing $5,940. We are grateful for any support for this conference which is organized by young people for young people.


Pastor Siimon Haamer

President of Tartu Academy of Theology

You may make your donation using our regular giving options. Checks need to be designated „TAT Youth” in the memo portion or if making donation electronically choose fund “Tartu Academy of Theology” and then sub fund „Youth Activities“.

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The Juggler 2022 Aftermovie