Youth Work Is Launched

This has been our dream that Tartu Academy of Theology could offer besides of bachelor and master’s degree studies also activities regularly for young people. Since we were working 27 years on very limited space and we also didn’t have enough human resources, we weren’t able to organize any youth work. But Home of Hope has changed basically everything.
As a starter for our youth activities, August 3-5, 2020 we held a Youth Bible Camp. The topic was Hope. Spiritual Orphans Network short-term missionaries from the US couldn’t travel to Estonia because of Corona virus but we had connection with them via Zoom. Co-operation with SON Network and their short-term missionaries has been very meaningful throughout many years. They have been faithfully helping to build up Christian youth work in Tartu. 
In September we started regular youth events. Every month in the evening of last Sunday  we are having a youth evening with prayer, singing, playing and discussion. That is meant for secondary and high school students. Since October every third Wednesday is a Worship evening which target group are college students. And every second Sunday in month we are having game and film evening. I would be thankful if you could suggest good Christian films and maybe also board games.

An Uplifting News

You may have a question that who will be organizing all of this youth work then? You’ll get to know soon. As an answer has connection with our history and also future, we would like to explain background and a special meaning of this uplifting news.
In the middle of next week we will be sharing a first introduction through email and on our Facebook page Simon VS Goliath. Afterwards you’ll get some more information throughout a week and a half. Please share this information with your friends and congregation.
Original uplifting news will be presented on October 30th at noon (US Central Time) on our Facebook page Simon VS Goliath ( And after that you are welcome to join live Zoom meeting on October 31st at 10 am (US Central Time):
Topic: Tartu Academy of Theology Zoom Meeting
Time: Oct 31, 2020 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 825 6871 3735


We are very thankful to all our donors. October 15th was a due date for the next Home of Hope loan payment and this money was raised. We had even seven dollars surplus that is a seed for the next payment on January 31st, 2021. And we have also $8,954 of matching funds available. TAT annual budget has currently deficit of $39,737 and thus every donation has a great significance. See fundraising progress bars below.

Home of Hope youth activities in Autumn of 2020.

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