Almost There

Pastors meeting
Pastors meeting at reading room of Home of Hope, January 9th.
We are so thankful to God for the blessing that we have experienced. Home of Hope is becoming more and more filled with different activities.
During Christmas and New Year I spent some extra time with my family and rested a bit after extremely busy Autumn. Beginning of 2020 has been again pretty intensive as we are starting new life at Home of Hope. In addition to our regular study work we are hosting different trainings and Home of Hope is a place for regular pastors meetings. It takes of course much more time until everything works as planned… and even more.
Current fundraising situation is not bad but we still have not been able to pay full amount of first loan payment, so far we are still missing $6,911. As we have paid most of the money we have some extra time with final payment until February 10th.
2019 annual budget deficit is still $15,402.
Thank you very much to all of you for you support. Together we are making impossible things possible.
P.S. We have a great reading room now (see picture below) and we would like to have this  a good place for pastors where they could prepare their sermons. We have different kind of literature but we are missing a good conservative modern Bible commentary series. If there is somewhere such a commentary not in use then we would be happy to use that.
Siimon Haamer
Dean of Tartu Academy of Theology