We are having 24 hour prayer chain on Febr. 8th

We continue to keep our work in prayers. February 8th we will have again 24 hour prayer chain. You are very welcome to join with us throughout a day whenever it’s suitable for you. It’s great feeling to know that so many people are praying throughout a day continually for our work.

Here are also some prayer topics:
1. Praise the Lord for everything that we have been experiencing throughout the Home of Hope campaign.
2. Pray blessing for Tartu Academy of Theology and students, professors and staff.
3. Pray God’s continuous blessing for the Home of Hope project and fundraising campaign as we have taken a major loan.
4. Pray guidance and wisdom from God that Home of Hope would be filled with people, activities and organizations that proclaim powerfully the Word of God in Estonia and beyond.
5. Pray many blessings for donors of Home of Hope and for all of them who are running this project.

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